Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the winning boys name is....

Although I had been pulling for Levi (I thought changing the spelling to Leevi so I would have Livee & Leevi would be silly and cute) another name came out on top.
(April please e-mail me for a special code for you since I really liked this choice!)

I am actually going to go with the 2nd place name for the boy dolls.... this will be 

Now, my reasoning is this: 
I am working on a special doll that will be my inspiration for a new line of dolls. 
The top name choice just happened to be this inspiration... 

Melanie is my winner for the name Oliver!
(Melanie, please e-mail me for your special code!)


The name that came out in 1st place will be released with the new line of dolls coming soon!! 
This person will also get something special with their new doll!

I hope everyone understands & respects my choice to go with the 2nd place name, Oliver, for this line of dolls and looks forward to the new line of dolls!

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