Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet the first boys!

These are the boys!!

I have been asking for name ideas for them on Facebook so I'll post their name as soon as one is chosen. (Remember, the girls are Livee.) If you have a name suggestion please share! Here are the names I've had listed so far:
Jack - Max - Manny - Lenny - Isaac - Preston - Wyatt - Louee/Louie - Levi - Mason - Milo - Stevie - Colden -Owen - Jake  
Tonight I will post a final list for voting and set a deadline to get your votes heard!  

Two important things to know about my dolls:
1~ Every doll is an individual. I do not use a pattern so no 2 will ever be identical, much like every person.
2~ I do not use skin tone fabrics because I believe children should see past the color of the skin.

I hope to get some more Livee dolls made soon too!

If you have any requests on dolls you would like,
 feel free to email me! (colors/prints for clothes, eye or hair color, skin colors... just remember, nothing too human!)

I'm also working on an idea for a very special doll for someone! I can't wait to make it a reality! Keep your eyes open for this!! 

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